11 01, 2020

Posture of the Month: Active Hamstring Stretch


It’s common to experience tight hamstrings if you sit for prolonged periods of time. Some of us also have tension in the back of the legs that is from “neural tension” rather than, or in addition, to tight hamstrings.

Neural tension is created when the body is placed in certain positions […]

Posture of the Month: Active Hamstring Stretch2020-01-11T13:32:56-05:00
3 11, 2019

The Transverse Abdominals: Your Inner Corset


If you have urinary incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain, hip pain or back pain, your physical therapist or other fitness professional may have recommended training the transverse abdominals as part of your recovery.

What is the transverse abdominals and why does this muscle matter more than other abdominal and core muscles […]

The Transverse Abdominals: Your Inner Corset2019-11-23T16:39:22-05:00
16 09, 2019

Getting the “Knack” of Controlling Urinary Incontinence


A lot of us have been there.

We laugh on a full bladder and leak. We sneeze and oopsy—urinary incontinence. We walk down the street and have to stop (or even cross our legs) to sneeze so we don’t leak.

Is there another strategy we […]

Getting the “Knack” of Controlling Urinary Incontinence2019-11-03T10:28:54-05:00
21 08, 2019

Multifidus: Why This Muscle Matters for Pelvic Pain and Incontinence


The multifidus muscle group, located along the back of the spine, is an important muscle to train if you are healing pelvic pain and incontinence. The multifidus extends your back when both the right and left column contract, or […]

Multifidus: Why This Muscle Matters for Pelvic Pain and Incontinence2019-11-23T16:18:52-05:00
30 05, 2019

Using Creativity to Heal


How a young stroke survivor overcame an extreme challenge and reclaimed her life

Hi, I’m Abbie. You may have seen me blissfully flowing from Mountain Pose to Shavasana in Dustienne’s yoga video series thanks to her gentle guidance. It’s nice to meet you! I’m thrilled to share a story that […]

Using Creativity to Heal2019-06-06T09:19:49-04:00
7 05, 2019

Pelvic Pain and the Nervous System


Flight, fright, or freeze. You may have heard that phrase to describe what happens when our nervous system perceives a threat.

That makes sense when it’s something that can do you harm: a car that doesn’t see you in the crosswalk or a rattlesnake on the trail.

But did you know that […]

Pelvic Pain and the Nervous System2019-06-29T15:19:04-04:00
2 03, 2019

What is a Kegel?


You’ve probably heard that you should do kegels but wondered what exactly is a kegel–the term is pretty vague. A kegel is simply a pelvic floor muscle contraction.

The term “kegel” was coined in the late 1940s after gynecologist Arnold Kegel. He recommended performing pelvic floor muscle exercises to help […]

What is a Kegel?2019-04-17T10:19:15-04:00