Aligning in optimal posture is one of the benefits of Mountain Pose, or tadasana. This posture is the “home base” of all of the standing postures.

Dustienne Miller in mountain poseInstructions for Mountain Pose

Stand with your feet hip distance apart.

Feel your weight evenly distributed on the four points of foot: inside and outside of the ball of the foot, inside and outside of the heel. Be mindful that the right and left feet are receiving equal weight distribution.

Stack your pelvis on top of your feet and rib cage on top of the pelvis. Shoulder blades rest on the rib cage with ease, allowing the upper trapezius muscles to soften.

Visualize your head and neck elongating towards the ceiling. Imagine there are magnets on the soles of the feet that are pulling the feet into the earth with an opposing, lengthening line of energy thru the top of the head towards the sky.