1 05, 2018

Yoga for Pudendal Neuralgia


People who suffer with pudendal neuralgia, just like other types of pelvic pain, are often looking for a way to safely move and bring exercise back into their lives.

How do you go about reintroducing more movement into your daily lives? Working with a pelvic health physical therapist and these principles […]

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30 03, 2018

Prenatal Yoga: Make Your Practice Work for You


Do you feel drawn to include yoga as part of your self-care during your pregnancy? Makes sense. Breathing and taking time to connect with your body and baby has been shown to have positive effects.

Yoga as a form of moderate intensity exercise can:

  • lower blood pressure
  • lower heart rate
  • decrease anxiety
  • […]

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27 03, 2018

Mad Props: Modified Downward Facing Dog


I’ve always struggled a bit with poses that require flexibility in the shoulders and hips. I muscled through yoga postures like any other workout and hoped for the best.

Downward Facing Dog was particularly difficult, and I did the best version I could while still keeping up with the class. I’m […]

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28 02, 2018

Posture of the Month: Goddess Pose with a Twist


Goddess Pose, with its low, wide stance, is a powerful pose for taking up space. Amy Cuddy’s research showed that simply posing in powerful positions, like the classic Wonder Woman pose, showed physiological changes that affected self-concept and risk-taking. Goddess Pose is an excellent choice if you are looking […]

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21 02, 2018

Be Your Own Health Advocate


When I met fellow physical therapist Andrea Wood, PT, PRPC, she was preparing herself for a hip surgery that entailed a long road to recovery. Using her experience as an example, Andrea talks about how to be your own health advocate and a participant rather than a spectator in your health.


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25 01, 2018

Flourishing in the Cold: Self-Care in Winter


Winter can be filled with dramatic temperature fluctuations and a range of damp weather: snow, sleet, freezing rain, and rain (or, all four together in what forecasters call a “wintery mix”). It can make it hard to practice self-care in winter.

So how can we best manage our bodies and spirits […]

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19 01, 2018

Optimizing Bladder Control: Strengthening the Pelvic Floor


As a yoga teacher and pelvic floor physical therapist, I blended the two disciplines together as part of a holistic model of care to create this video for optimizing bladder control through strengthening the pelvic floor.

This video is recommended for people who experience:

  • weakness in the pelvic floor
  • urinary […]
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