Hi everybody, it’s Dustienne with Your Pace Yoga. Today we are talking about the ujjayi breath, which is also known as the “ocean-sounding breath” or the “Darth Vader” breath.

And today I’ve got a special prop. We’re going to use the mirror to practice ujjayi breath. So it’s kind of like you’re fogging up a mirror. And when you do the breath for real you keep your mouth closed so it sounds more like this.

The cool thing about the ujjayi breath is that you can layer it onto the dirga, the three-part breath, that we’ve talked can go ahead and review that, add the ujjayi breath onto that.

You can practice the ujjayi breath in yoga postures; you can practice it walking around town; you can practice it just lying down and relaxing. It’s a really great way to help decrease the sympathetic nervous system or the fight-or-flight override.

I hope you have a wonderful week thanks for joining me and I’ll see you next time. Bye, bye.