Hi everybody, it’s Dustienne with Your Pace Yoga. Today we’re going to talk about the dirga breath, or the three-part breath.

Before we start this pranayama, find yourself in a comfortable seated position or if you prefer, you can be lying down on your back.

If you’re sitting, imagine your sitz bones grounding down into the seat and grounding into the floor. If you’re lying down, you can imagine that every part of your body that’s making contact with the floor is grounding down into the floor and down into the earth.

Take an inhale here and exhale. And for the dirga breath what I’d like you to do is take one hand place it on your abdomen, take another hand and place it on your chest.

The dirga breathing begins with an inhalation through the belly, followed by the rib cage, and followed by the collarbone. On the exhale, your collarbone floats down, your rib cage floats down, and your abdomen relaxes.

So again, you inhale: your belly expands, the rib cage expands, the collarbones float up and on the exhale the collarbones float down, rib cage relaxes, and the abdomen relaxes. Let’s try it one more time. Inhale: belly expands, rib cage expands, collarbones float up. Exhale: collarbones float down, rib cage relaxes, abdomen relaxes.

So this is the dirga three-part breath. You can try it anywhere you are. If you’re feeling stressed, you can easily do this and no one will know. You can start off your day with the dirga breath and you can end your day with the dirga breath.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend and I look forward to seeing you again next time. Bye, bye.