Goddess Pose, with its low, wide stance, is a powerful pose for taking up space. Amy Cuddy’s research showed that simply posing in powerful positions, like the classic Wonder Woman pose, showed physiological changes that affected self-concept and risk-taking. Goddess Pose is an excellent choice if you are looking to build energy before a situation that might make you nervous, like a work presentation or important meeting.

Goddess Pose also offers the opportunity to lengthen the muscles that attached to the pelvis and hip and builds strength in the lower extremity.

Goddess with a Twist is an adaptation of the basic Goddess pose. Often found in dance class warm-ups, this is one of my go-to stretches before and after running, especially when you are trying to create more room for yourself in the corrals. 😉

Try Goddess with a Twist

  • Start in Five Pointed Star with your legs wider than hip distance apart
  • Turn the legs out a little bit from the top of the thighs
  • Bend your knees, sending your knees back and over the second toe
  • Place your hands just above your knees
  • Keep your spine long as you rotate to one side
  • Breathe here then switch to the other side

Why choose Goddess with a Twist?

Goddess with a Twist offers many benefits:

  • Increases tissue excursion in the abdomen that might have been decreased due to adhesions or after surgery
  • Offers rotation at the thoracolumbar junction. This is where the mid and low back meet and where the diaphragm inserts.
  • Lengthens the inner thigh muscles that attach to the pelvis
  • Builds strength in the legs and core

Who is this posture good for?

As always…all of us could benefit from this posture!

Additionally, some women with vulvodynia or endometriosis experience restrictions along the inner thighs. It is also common for men and women with interstitial cystitis to experience the same tightness.

We often have lifestyles that favor forward and flexed postures. Introducing mobility in the hips with the addition of rotation is a nice break from repetitive tasks like sitting at a desk.

Enjoy and move easefully!