I’m excited to announce that I was a contributing author in two books that were published at the tail end of 2016. These books are Yoga Mama: The Practioner’s Guide to Prenatal Yoga and Healing in Urology: Clinical Guidebook to Herbal and Alternative Therapies.

Dustienne receiving her copy in the mail!

Yoga Mama is the brainchild of Linda Sparrow. I was first introduced to Linda’s books in my hometown library years ago. She is the author of several books, including The Woman’s Book of Yoga and Health. It was an honor to be consulted as a pelvic health physical therapist and yoga teacher about the fourth trimester. You’ll find my postpartum yoga flows included in the book, as well as other helpful tips. Additional contributing authors: Jane Austin, Elena Brower, Sarah Buckley, Kate Hanley, Stephanie Snyder, De West, Melissa Williams, and Margi Young.

Healing in Urology was edited by urologist Bilal Chughtai, MD (Weill Cornell), physical therapist (and my former boss!) Amy Stein (Beyond Basics Physical Therapy), and founder and director of the Integrative and Functional Urology Center at NYULMC Dr.Geo Espinosa. In my chapter on yoga for urological conditions, I discuss benefits, variations, modifications, contraindications and prescriptive ideas for various yoga postures and their application to pelvic floor disorders.

Other recent reads include:

  • Alisa Vitti’s Woman Code – I enjoyed the idea of scheduling more quiet time and changing exercise styles around your menstrual cycle.
  • Tara Brach’s True Refuge – The acronym RAIN has been a very useful strategy when the going gets tough.
  • Gloria Steinem’s My Life of the Road – This magical road trip back satisfied my nostalgia for NYC and my appreciation for the courageous women who have paved the path for us and our little girls.

Next up:

Excited to dig in to the wonderful Ginger Garner’s Medical Therapeutic Yoga: Biopsychosocial Rehabilitation and Wellness Care. Ginger has been a leader in the medical yoga community with a specialization in women’s health and continues to train other health professionals around the world. I look forward to seeing her and Shelly Prosko at IPPS this fall. (If you haven’t seen Shelly’s pelvic yoga videos, they are beautiful!)