27 11, 2018

Pranayama for Pelvic Pain: How Breathing Can Help


You may know conscious breath work, or pranayama, can help manage pelvic pain. But how?

Pain is directly affected by the autonomic nervous system. Think of the two arms of the nervous system—sympathetic and parasympathetic—as the gas and the brake.

If we are experiencing pain, our sympathetic nervous system (fight-flight-freeze response) acts […]

Pranayama for Pelvic Pain: How Breathing Can Help2019-02-22T10:59:40-04:00
31 10, 2018

What is Bad Sitting Posture?


Is there such a thing as “bad posture” or “bad sitting posture”? Maybe….maybe not….

Maybe it’s more about a lack of variety of movement. Sometimes we run into trouble when we find ourselves stuck in one position for a prolonged period of time.

Have you ever noticed how you feel after sitting […]

What is Bad Sitting Posture?2018-11-02T09:01:21-04:00
5 10, 2018

Posture of the Month: Banana Pose


Want to open your side body? Improve digestion? I have the posture for you!

Banana Pose offers a spinal side bend in a supportive, restful fashion. By laying on the ground, you are able to really release into the posture.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the creation of the shape of […]

Posture of the Month: Banana Pose2018-10-05T14:36:44-04:00
5 10, 2018

6 Uses for a Half Roller


1998 was the year I discovered foam rollers.

It was my first time living in NYC. I was working as physical therapy intern in orthopedics across the street from St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

One of the physical therapists I was shadowing put her patient on a foam roller. He was wincing, squirming, […]

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31 08, 2018

Breathing during Yoga: Do I Inhale or Exhale?


“How do I breathe during yoga?”

I have received this question multiple times over the years. My answer is three part:

  • What do you want your pelvic floor to do during the movement?
  • What feels right in your body?
  • Does it matter?

The movement of pelvic floor muscles and diaphragm during breathing […]

Breathing during Yoga: Do I Inhale or Exhale?2018-08-31T19:43:34-04:00