26 02, 2019

Posture of the Month: Cat/Cow Pose


If you experience persistent pain in your pelvis, back, shoulder, or neck, you might have an unconscious tendency to protect yourself by increasing rigidity in your body. The Cat/Cow Pose help to undo that stiffness.

This might look like holding your shoulders up toward your ears, holding your breath, and abdominal […]

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1 02, 2019

Fourth Trimester Yoga: Reconnecting with Your Center


As always, the content of this blog is offered for informational purposes only. Please seek proper medical advice when recovering from any surgery and returning to a yoga program.

The fourth trimester is full of ups and downs. You are over the moon with your new little love and absolutely sleep […]

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24 01, 2019

Take Care of Your Body Postpartum…Not Just the Baby!


This post is for caregivers of all types: parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, babysitters…everyone can benefit from some body mechanics awareness!

Putting the baby in a crib

What is the best way to put a baby down for a nap? Try and get as close as you can to the crib.


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29 12, 2018

8 Strategies to Relieve Pelvic Pain


The statistics about pelvic pain are startling. 1 in 4 women and 1 in 11 men will experience pelvic pain in their lifetime.

Navigating pelvic pain can be like navigating the labyrinth—there can be a lot of twists and turns on your way to your center of relief. In addition to […]

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28 12, 2018

2018 Year in Review


Wow! What a lovely year 2018 was! I hired new staff, spoke at several conferences, and–perhaps most notably–moved to a new office. Let’s start with the new space.

New office location

In December I moved my physical therapy practice a few blocks away from my former location. Now located at 262 Beacon […]

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28 12, 2018

Posture of the Month: Reverse Warrior


This is one of my favorite postures. I love the grounded feeling the the lower body and feeling the stretch of the waist and ribs.

In Reverse Warrior Pose, we experience a freeing myofasical release of the lateral line. The tissue along the ribs, abdomen, and hips lengthen and become more […]

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27 11, 2018

Pranayama for Pelvic Pain: How Breathing Can Help


You may know conscious breath work, or pranayama, can help manage pelvic pain. But how?

Pain is directly affected by the autonomic nervous system. Think of the two arms of the nervous system—sympathetic and parasympathetic—as the gas and the brake.

If we are experiencing pain, our sympathetic nervous system (fight-flight-freeze response) […]

Pranayama for Pelvic Pain: How Breathing Can Help2019-09-28T10:06:58-04:00