Reclined goddess pose is one of my favorite restorative postures for pelvic pain, especially during menstruation.

The key with restorative postures is to support the body. The slightest amount of support makes a huge difference.

By supporting the body with weighted sandbags, blankets, straps and eye pillows we allow our nervous system to come into greater balance.

In the photo above, my student has a bolster under her knees. Another option is to place blankets under her knees with feet together and knees apart. Additional option would be to use a strap to wrap around the sacrum, over the thighs then around the feet.

Be sure that the blankets are high enough that you aren’t in too much of a stretch. The key is to feel supported so you can soften into the posture.

For men and women with pelvic pain the connective tissue along the bladder, uterus (if there is one) and front of the hips is often restricted due to pain. When our body experiences pain, the viscerosomatic reflex signals our body to “hug” around the pain location.

By allowing the lower abdomen to soften on inhalation, the fascia around the restricted area mobilizes. Therefore, elongation along the front fascial line of the body can decrease secondary muscle pain commonly seen with men and women with pain.

Extra credit:

I love to pair restorative postures with a guided meditation, especially the recordings of the phenomenal Tara Brach. It is a beautiful way to replenish after a long day, to prepare for a focused event, or to restore balance to the nervous system.