Download instructions for digital videos

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Thank you for purchasing Your Pace Yoga videos! To get the most out of the videos, see our helpful instructions.

After you submit your payment on PayPal, you’ll receive two emails:

  • A receipt from PayPal confirming your purchase. It will be from and the subject line will say “Receipt for Your Payment to Flourish Physical Therapy.”
  • An email from me ( with your order summary and link to download the video. The subject line will say, “Your Your Pace Yoga order from [Month, Day 20xx] is complete – download your files.”

If you do not receive either email, check your junk mail folder. Usually the email from PayPal arrives in your inbox fine but sometimes the email from me gets marked as spam.

How to find the download link

The email link is located in the email with the subject line “Your Your Pace Yoga order from [month, day 20XX] is complete – download your files.”

The link to download your video will be under the product type:

Download link in email

How to download the video

Click on the link and the video will open up in a browser window. The video does not automatically download. Below you’ll find instructions for downloading the video to your computer and Kindle.

Please note, if you are using a PC, sometimes the Windows Media Player does not play the video. If you experience this problem, try changing the file extension from .mp4 to .m4v.

If you figure out a way to download the video to a device not mentioned here, send an email to

Saving the video to your computer

Right-click on the video and choose “Save video as” or “Download video,” depending on your browser.

The exact wording and appearance of the pop-up menu will vary based on your browser version and computer’s operating system (Mac or Windows).

Choose “Save video as”


Right-click and choose Save as to download video in Chrome


Right-click and choose Save As to download video in Chrome

Choose “Save video as”

Your Pace Yoga: Optimizing Bladder Control is a M4V file, which should prompt a dialogue box asking if you want to save the file. Otherwise, right-click on the browser window to save video.


Right-click and choose Save As to download video in Firefox


Right-click and choose Save As to download the video in Firefox

Internet Explorer will automatically open Windows Media Player and you won’t be able to download the video. We recommend using another browser to save the video to your computer.

Download the video to your Kindle

Many thanks to one of my customers who emailed me the following instructions for downloading the video to your Kindle!

  1. Using your email app on the Kindle or email in the Kindle Silk Browser, click on the link provided for download.
  2. A dialog box asking if you wish to download pops up, select Yes.
  3. You can click on the small View downloads box if you wish to watch the progress, or
  4. To see progress on the download, swipe down and look at notifications, system settings, etc.
  5. The download will take a few minutes (mine took about 10 minutes).
  6. Once download complete, go to PHOTOS, ALL, VIDEOS.

And there you will find the MP4 file you can play anywhere.

“Download video” or “Download video as”

Right-click and choose Download video to download video in Safari

Playing the video

Double click on the file and a video player will open.

If you have trouble with the video player that automatically opens or no media player software is installed on your computer, download the VLC media player.

Still having trouble accessing the digital file or didn’t receive the link?

Send me an email at