5 Poses to Relieve Pelvic Pain

5 Poses to Relieve Pelvic Pain download

Follow this gentle flow of five poses to relieve pelvic pain.

“When I do yoga, I notice that my pain is reduced, bloating decreases, and I am more relaxed and accepting of the pain.” —Annie

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About Dustienne

Dustienne MillerMillions of men and women suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction every year. In fact, over 4 million American women under the age of 40 are diagnosed with pelvic pain or incontinence. Despite this staggering figure, people often feel alone, ashamed, and frustrated with the process of being properly diagnosed and treated.

As a physical therapist specializing in pelvic health, I saw a void in resources available for men and women dealing with pelvic pain and incontinence. I created these gentle yoga videos to offer tools to empower yourself with a home practice. These programs are designed to help support the medical treatment of bladder pain, urinary urgency, vulvar pain, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, penis pain, perineal pain, tailbone pain, constipation, prolapse, and incontinence.

Not only is a yoga home program a holistic adjunct to medical treatment, but it also offers a framework to help manage flare-ups. A yoga home program is perfect for maintaining health of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems, even after your pain has healed.

It is my hope that these yoga programs offer you an additional strategy in your healing process.

Dustienne Miller CYT, PT, MS, WCS