Posture of the Month: Warrior 2

Here in New England we are in the middle of winter. Sometimes the weather encourages us to curl up on the sofa with a good book. Other times we might be inspired to ground, strengthen, and lengthen, kindling our inner furnace.

Warrior 2

Warrior 2 is a popular standing posture that can be performed with the hand on the wall or a chair for balance.

  • Begin in five-pointed star, standing with your legs much wider than hip distance apart
  • Knees and feet point forward
  • Turn your right leg out from the top of the thigh
  • Allow your right knee to bend being mindful of the knee tracking over the second toe

You can extend your arms out from your center, place your hands on your hips, or whatever variation suits you.

Why choose Warrior 2?

  • strengthens the lower extremity
  • increases proprioception
  • improves balance
  • lengthens the inside of the back thigh
  • lengthens iliopsoas and fascia that connects to the lower abdomen

Extra credit

Once you achieve your posture, play with the subtle energies of the posture.

  • Can you feel the outside border of your left foot?
  • Imagine your torso is between two panes of glass.
  • Explore rotation of the arms and the resulting effects on the fascia of the upper body.
  • Can you feel the pelvic floor muscles expanding when you inhale?

Don’t be surprised if the right side feels different from the left side.  I hope you find simple joy in experiencing the subtle strength of this posture!


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  1. […] people with pudendal neuralgia have pain in the buttocks or perineal area when practicing Warrior 2 on the side where the knee is […]

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