Explore resources to help you use yoga to manage pelvic pain, including meditations, videos, audio, posture guides and more.


In this guided meditation, I take you through breathing techniques that help calm the nervous system. (Opens up a new page; right-click and choose “save as.”)

Yoga and Endometriosis, interview with Shannon Crow of the Connected Yoga Teacher.

Healthy, Wealthy and Smart is the radio show masterminded by NYC-based physical therapist Karen Litzy. As a physical therapist, Karen provides a concierge service, accommodating busy clients by treating them in their homes. She is passionate about education and this is reflected by the quality of her radio show guests, who have included superstars Diane Lee and Lorimer Moseley.

The Pelvic Messenger is an advocacy group that serves to educate thousands of men and women who are navigating their way in the pelvic pain journey. This site offers free access to radio show interviews with top practitioners in different disciplines including urologists, gynecologists, psychologists, and physical therapists.

Informational Sheets

Free for you to download (PDFs open in new window):


In these short videos, I explain a few basics of pelvic pain and yoga.