I am often asked: “My health care provider recommended adding yoga to my home program to help manage my symptoms. How does yoga help me with my pelvic pain?”

Yoga calms

Yoga calms the fight or flight response by decreasing the overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system. Because pain is an output of the nervous system, retraining the brain is crucial. The use of pranayama, or breath work, is particularly helpful.

Yoga lengthens tissues

Yoga increases the pliability of muscles and connective tissue, increasing flexibility in the myofascial attachments to the pelvis. This allows the nerves to have the space they need to slide, glide, and not get irritated.

Relieves pain

Yoga helps people discover a pain-free range of motion by increasing body awareness. It is crucial for us to reprogram the brain to change the imprint that movement is dangerous or will be painful.

Yoga increases awareness

Yoga helps integrate the mind, body and spirit. People who experience chronic pain often disassociate from the body part that is disrupting their life. A yoga practice helps renew the relationship with the physical body.