The International Pelvic Pain Society (IPPS) is a valuable resource of information about pelvic pain for both professionals and patients. Its overarching goal is to “bring hope to men and women who suffer from chronic pelvic pain” through professional education and public awareness.

I was first introduced to the IPPS by my former boss and previous IPPS president Amy Stein. The IPPS annual meeting is an excellent opportunity to grow as a professional. Speakers and attendees travel from all over the world to present and discover the latest research on diagnosing and treating pelvic and abdominal pain. After attending the meeting in 2012 I was hooked.

I’ve had the opportunity to teach Yoga for Pelvic Pain and be a speaker at the round table discussion groups on the integration of alternative medicine with the treatment of pelvic pain. I look forward to returning this year.

If you are a patient

You’ll find patient handouts in both English and Spanish about a wide variety of pelvic pain topics: basic chronic pelvic pain, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, male pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, pudendal neuropathy, and vulvodynia.

Buried within the list of handouts is a Patient Education Booklet (PDF) that IPPS put together to help answer the most common questions people have when they experience pelvic pain and are considering treatment.

I frequently use the provider locator (which is currently under maintenance).

If you are a rehab professional

Join us at the annual meeting this October in Chicago!

But if you can’t come to Chicago, IPPS offers tons of resources to support you in your practice. Lectures and videos from previous annual meetings are posted online.

You’ll also find helpful resources, like the Pelvic Pain Assessment Form, which is available in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. The IPPS professional community is a supportive group and we always have a great time. Be sure to check out the blog!

Lastly, if you are doing pelvic pain research, IPPS offers grants and scholarships ranging from $300 to $10,000.

Help support IPPS

IPPS is a nonprofit that gratefully accepts donations throughout the year.

This isn’t your only chance to support IPPS through shopping: during October, be sure to check out the online auction on Bidding For Good where you’ll be able to bid on my videos.

Photos from 2017 IPPS

With my pelvic health buddies: Deena Kimiatek, Cindy Furey, Jenni Gabelsberg, moi, Stacey Futterman, and former IPPS president Stephanie Prendergast

Round table discussion on the latest research on diastasis recti abdomens with the world renowned researcher Paul Hodges and colleague Debra Goldman

With world renowned pain researcher Lorimer Moseley, IPPS advisory board member Karen Brandon, and Pelvic Guru founder Tracy Sher

With the divine Shelly Prosko after she taught her Yoga for Pelvic Pain class

With Tracy Sher and Amy Stein, the former IPPS president

Excited to talk nutrition, vulvodynia and IBS with Jessica Drummond

At the Section on Women’s Health happy hour with APTA president Carrie Pagliano